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Why Your Brand Design is Super Important




Your brand is your identity. It’s your soul & essence, your beliefs & policies and your own unique way of being out there up against everybody else. When we apply the term brand design, we’re focusing more on the visual aspects of everything above. It’s about showing your authenticity in a way that represents everything you stand for. Today I want to share with you why it’s handy to have a good brand design.



It’s easy to be lost amongst your competition in a world where everybody is able to set themselves up in business. A small town can have 50+ photographers. A big city can have 1000+ handmade boutique stores. No amount of fab customer service is going to matter if you’re fading into the background. A brand design will give your business everything it needs to stand out. It’s about making a statement and being memorable. A good logo will make all the difference.



There’s really no secret about it. We all pick the cookies with the prettier packaging. We’re drawn to things that are visually pleasing and there’s nothing wrong with that. You are already talented and awesome at what you do, so keep those customers by presenting them with a brand that makes them pick you over somebody else.



When we decorate houses, we use it as an opportunity to inject our personalities into the home. Your business shouldn’t be any different. If you’re working with your customers on a more personal level, you want them to get a feel of who you are. In a likewise fashion, we want to attract customers who ‘get us’ too. Using a brand design that doesn’t truly reflect your business in an authentic way could lead to all sorts of potential problems later down the line. Your relationship with your client is the key aspect to a healthy and happy transaction and you want to be working with the right people from the start.



There’s no better advertisement for your business than your devoted fans & customers. Make it easy for them to want to share your content & products by having a brand design that will have them all swooning. If your packaging is visually stunning, chances are it’s going to get shared to high heaven on social media sites like Instagram.



If you’re feeling ho-hum about your business, it’s probably because your brand design is lacking. If it doesn’t feel like ‘you’ and it doesn’t look the part, you’re going to be the opposite of in-love with your business. Revamping it to the standard you have always dreamed of will give you a whole new sense of passion, and through passion will come tons more motivation with results that will reflect all the extra hard work you have put into it. If you’re not loving your party dress, chance are, you’re not gonna love the party.



The word business evokes all sorts of drab & dull feelings but it doesn’t have to be boring! Dare to be a little different by using intuitive & stylish design for your brand. Use your time rebranding as an opportunity to get to know yourself even better and create something so visually exciting that it makes business feel fun. It will get everybody talking about it!


You need to spend some time brainstorming your brand. Think about your goals, target audience and theme of your business. Then start implementing some personal touches, for example, hearts if you are in the wedding industry and you are personally a romantic. If you’re familiar with graphic design, start creating a selection of logo concepts and spend days, if not weeks, looking over them. If they’re not giving you the ‘feels’, then start again. If you instantly connect with one, go forward further into the design process. Think about your stationery & packaging and implement a colour palette that works well together. A good place to start is by curating a mood board (Pinterest is fab for this!).

If you’re completely out of your depth when it comes to graphic design, look at hiring a brand stylist. It’s important that you connect with the designer from the start. If you don’t, keep looking. Designing a brand is a personal experience where we may sometimes feel vulnerable. Feeling comfortable with your brand stylist is as important as being happy with their portfolio.



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