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Summer Themed Desktop Wallpaper


We’ve had a crazy year so far & it’s not been a great one in terms of personal life. We took out a tenancy on a gorgeous new 4 bedroom house next to the woods & beach. We had hoped to settle here in this lovely village for a few years as our agent told us it was a long term let. Sadly, the landlady decided to sell (only 4 months into our tenancy) and that has meant we need to find somewhere else to live — and fast! Moving is so stressful and I’d only just got back on top of things after the move earlier this year (reconnecting internet etc.) so we’re really not looking forward to that again. Our summer of planned beach days is now replaced with looking to move, actually moving & lots of stress! So here’s a free wallpaper for all of you who will be spending this summer working hard! Click to download.wallpapers-summerloving


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