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Blog Set Up



Thank you for your purchase! I hope that you’ll love your new blog template. This quick how to guide will walk you through the steps in setting your new template up in no time! If you haven’t already, please send me your blog title and tagline for your new template’s blog header image. You can send via Etsy or email me directly here. If you are emailing your details directly, please let me know your order ref number and name of your template.




The most important part of the template is the XML file because this contains the HTML & CSS. Log in to your Blogger dashboard & then follow these steps:


1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click ‘Template’




2. Click ‘Backup/Restore’ and then ‘Choose File’. Select the template .xml file and ‘Upload’.




1. In your Blogger dashboard, select ‘Layout’




2. Click ‘Edit’ on the ‘Header’ widget. ‘Choose File’ and select the header image emailed to you. Make sure you have ‘Instead of title & description’ selected and do not check the ‘Shrink to Fit’ box.

3. ‘Save’ and then ‘Save Arrangement’.




1. Your Profile image in the sidebar will automatically display your Blogger/Googleplus profile image.

2. Upload your social media icons using a ‘HTML/JavaScript’ widget in the sidebar section of ‘Layout’. For help on how to do this correctly, this page has a fantastic step by step tutorial.




1. For the best overall look of your blog posts, be sure to un-tick ‘Show Share Buttons’ in the ‘Blog Posts’ widget under ‘Layout’. Your template includes customised sharing buttons so you don’t need Blogger’s ugly default ones too.

2. Play around with the blog post date formatting to see which style looks best. Some templates require a numerical format like ’01/01/10’ so that it fits correctly.

3. I prefer to un-tick the ‘posted by’ & ‘at [time]’ options in the ‘Blog Posts’ widget. This is personal preference, but for me, it always looks messy and I like my blogs to be really sleek and chic with no clutter.

4. Blogger’s automatic mobile view is ugly! I always recommend switching mobile view off. You can do that by clicking the little cog symbol and selecting ‘No’ for displaying mobile view.




It is illegal to distribute, copy or manipulate Brand Me Beautiful’s items in any way, shape or form without permission.

All blogs, logos & branding kits are for you to use for your blog or business needs however you wish. Blog templates may be used on only one blog at a time.

Printed colours may vary from one computer monitor to another, one printer to another & even with different types or brands of paper & ink and also with the choice of printer settings. Brand Me Beautiful will not be held responsible for the resulting colour variations.